Green Pump

Green Pump

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EL YOLO OnE is extremely fortunate in that it obtains its water from a nearby, continuously running natural mountain stream. This stream has its source high in the mountains and therefore delivers water to the farm purely by means of gravity. This means that no mechanical or electrical, energy consuming pumps are necessary.

In addition to the stream, the farm has a very reliable borehole which was relatively unused. We decided that additional water from the borehole would be an asset to the farm, but wanted to maintain the status quo, in not using any mechanical or electrical form of energy to pump this water.

A green Eco Friendly pump was designed to pump this water from the borehole to the fields.

The water from the mountain stream runs through a pipe, into the borehole, through a venturi and back into the water system. This in effect means that for every one litre of mountain stream water, an additional two litres of water is pumped from the borehole.

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