Venues & Prices

Venue is R20,000.00 for the day up to 24h00 and R1,000.00 for any hour or part of an hour after 24h00. Included is kitchen and kitchen equipment as well as refrigeration equipment.
  • Tables at R40.00 per guest. Included is salt and pepper pots and water/cold drink jugs.
  • Table cloth at R10.00 per guest
  • Chairs at R20.00 per guest
  • Chair covers at R20.00 per guest
  • Crockery, ie Dinner plate, side plate, Soup bowl, coffee cup and saucer at R20.00 per guest.
  • Cutlery, ie 2x fork, 2x Knife, 2x spoons, at R20.00 per guest
  • Glasses, ie Wine glass, Champagne glass, Sherry glass at R20.00 per guest.

Total per guest if all the above is included R150.00

Breakage deposit 10% of total bill.

Cost for breakages are: Glass R30.00 per glass Crockery R30.00 per item. Other items will be costs afterwards.

EL YOLO OnE will clean venue before and afterwards. EL YOLO OnE will put the tables and chairs in your selected positions.

  • Customer to set tables, do flowers and arrange for catering.
  • Accommodation will be quoted separately.
  • Candle holders and other wedding items available on request.

Recommended Service Providers