Rare Fauna
& Flora

  • Endangered "Snow Protea"
  • Snakes
  • Insects
  • Oewerkonyn
  • Black Eagle (Witkruis arend)
  • Riverine Rabbit

Other rare sightings

Black Eagle (Witkruis arend)

Two breading pairs of the Black Eagle (Witkruis arend) are breading on EL YOLO OnE. We spotted two juveniles lately and managed to capture one on a close up photo.

Their wingspan is normally about 1860 mm up to 2220 mm. The female lays 1 to 3 eggs and both parents sits on the nest for 84 to 99 days. The juveniles will be dependent on the parents for about 6 months and then the parents chase them away.

The juvenile birds must move to a different location. They feed on Dassies, birds and reptiles. Scientific name is the Aquila verreauxii.